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    This page will contain information on upcoming holidays or just news that is going on in my little world!!

   If you have any information that you would like to have posted here please email me at Email me .



9/9/99 - I have added a few things over the past couple of weeks.  All of them either have the icon stating it is new or updated in the site guide.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the Sanctuary please feel free to Email Me.


6/24/99 - I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a few very special places in my heart.....They are both mailing lists.  And they are like a family to me.

    The first one I run (along with a group of elders).  It is called ShadowWays.  It is a Wiccan/Pagan mailing list.  We are comprised of roughly 60 members right now, and we grow everyday.  We share our knowledge, and learn from one another.  We have scheduled chats once a week where we talk about topics and answer questions regarding them.  we also do online rituals.  We just did a MidSummer (Litha) ritual on 6/22/99, and it was our first.  IT WAS AMAZING though.  If you would like to subscribe I placed a link below.

    The second one is called The HealingCircle.  It is run by a dear friend of mine Lisa.  Lisa is a great healer, but at the same time is battling with Lupus.  One of the best things about Lisa's list is that she usually throws out a little inspiring message daily.  I have also included a link if you wish to subscribe to her list also.

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