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Merry Meet All!!   My name is Lady Sharifire Ivy Moonbeam.  I am a 23 year old solitary eclectic Wiccan witch.  I live in Rochester, New York and handfasted to  the light of my eyes, Lord Moonlion Stormtree.  I haven't been studying Wicca long, but in some aspects I have been my whole life.  From the second I read my first passage about it till now it just has always felt right!

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I decided to set this page up because I know that just like me everyone has questions and/or curious, (no matter how long you have been practicing), so even though I might not know everything (no one does), maybe I can offer you a tidbit of information you didn't know.   Or help you decide if Wicca is also the right path for you.

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This page is always ever-growing and changing so please keep stopping by to see what's new or updated.

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a hand and offer you your own cloud to sit on and venture through my sanctuary.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  And don't worry the fairies will protect you on your journey.


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