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    This page is honor of my handfasting to my love Lord Moonlion Stormtree.  We were handfasted for a year and a day on Beltane (May 1st of this year.

    For those of you who do not know what a handfasting is, it is the equivalent to a wedding.  It is where you choose your friends, lover, and soulmate.   There are two different handfasting ceremonies, and many different variations of them also.  A handfasting is for you and your mate, and it should be catered to what you would like it to be.  The first handfasting is a year and a day ceremony.   Sort of like an engagement.  It is where you choose the person you want to spend your life with and first commit to a year and a day (like a trial marriage). The other ceremony is the lifetime one.  This is where you commit to the person for life, as equals.  This doesn't necessarily has to be after the year and a day.  For us, we decided on a wedding in 2001, so next year we will renew our year and a day vows and then in 2001 do the lifetime ceremony.

   Yes, there is a handparting ritual, kind of like a divorce, but I must apologize for my ignorance.  I really have no interest in learning about it.  I hope I never have to experience it, and I rather choose not to jinx myself.

    My fiance and I decided to do two ceremonies.  The first one was on April 30th-May 1st (after midnight), and the second one was on May 1st.  The first one was just for him and I.  It was very personal and very intimate and was not designed for a group to partake in.  The second is the ceremony where our friends participated.  We exchanged rings at our first ceremony and just reblessed them (on our hands) at the second one.

    Below I will be posting both of the ceremonies in a few days. You are welcome to gather ideas form it, BUT PLEASE do not take it totally word for word.   This is a very sacred and special ceremony to both of us and we would prefer it stay "a one of a kind".  If you want to use any part of it,  Email me  Thank you!!

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Private Handfasting

Public Handfasting