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   There are many people that I have to thank, because in some way or another they helped get this page up, (either directly or indirectly).


    First and foremost I have to thank the love of my life, Lord Moonlion Stormtree.  Without your help and inspiration this site wouldn't be here and I still would be searching for the right path of my life.  You are everything I want and need.  I still find it amazing that our loves continues to grow more and more with everyday that passes.  You make me strong when I feel weak, you make me smile when I am sad, and you always make me feel loved.  I look forward to spending everyday for the rest of our lives together.  Thank you for everything baby......I LOVE YOU...........MORE!!!

Lady SunFeather - We only met each other a short while ago, but I knew from the start that we would become close friends.  And we have; cybersisters as we call it.  You also have taught me to be strong and not to be the scapegoat for everyone.  You have stood beside me when times were rough, and always made me know I had a friend to turn to.

Lady Ravenstar - Thank you for just being you. For being the best friend that I always wanted and needed. For listening to me and giving me advice. For all the times we have spent together already and all the adventures still to come. And always remember those Loonies and Toonies!! :)

Lord Gustus - Thanks for letting me use your Java Script, helping me with all my computer and html troubles, and for your sense of humor!! Everytime I see a Stinky Kit-ton I will think of you! LOL

Poet - You have always been there for me and showed me that I had a friend.  Your poetry is a beautiful reflection of your life and also your soul.  Never stop writing.  For you, a gift....A Celtic Four....represents the seasons as well as friendship and love for friends.

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Wacho - Thanks for making me laugh. You have showed me to relax and enjoy life.  Thank you also for keeping a smile on Poet's face.  You two definitely belong together.

Lady IvyElf - Thank you for inspiring this web page, and for all your other advice about html, and ways to improve my page.

Avatarum Essotericus - We met by chance, by the click of my mouse, but now are close friends.  I consider you a brother.  You tease me and make me laugh, yet always give me an encouraging word or two when I need it the most.  Thanks bro!

Moonraven - Thank you for being such a great friend.  You taught me a lot about loyalty to friends as well as a lot about the Moon.  Thank you for allowing me to put up my Moon Information page.  Many kudos to you my sister.

ShadowWays - What can I say....we started from a group of friends, and now we are a family.  I love you all and thank you for everything I have learned so far.

To Everyone Else - It is not that I forgot you, but cannot find the best words to describe my thanks.  Don't worry, it will be on here soon!! :)

Graphics & Information - Don't call the cops on me yet!!  All your credits will be posted on the links pages with links to your sites!!


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